Who Is behind Medlin Design

A little bit about me:

Hello, I am Sarah and I live in a small town in Cornwall. I love the sun, sea and sand. Walks on the beach are my favourite along with the colour orange and flip flops (not so great in the winter months).

Medlin design is just one of my jobs. My main job and my favourite is being a mum to my ridiculously gorgeous son, Fletcher. He is totally crazy, loving, polite blonde haired blue eyed superhero.

Fletcher is the reason I work so hard, I want to be able to give him all the lovely things in life as well as my love and attention. 

I am a 24-7 single mum so I do this all by myself. Yes its hard at times but I get to enjoy all the love, cuddles, kisses and I fix all the tears. 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my business. I really do appreciate every order, comment, like and follow from you. With out you amazing customers I would not be able to do what I love.

Thank you.